Candle Care

Candle Care

An essential part of ensuring you get the most out of your candles and melts is maintenance.

Our candles are made using a vegan blend of coconut and soy wax. Absolutely no paraffin wax or toxic additives. 

Simple things that will make a difference!

  • First burn tip is to light the entire width of the wick, and not just the corners. This ensures you get an even burn.
  • During your first burn, it is important that you allow the candle to reach a full melt pool (from edge to edge). This could take anywhere from 1-2 hours.
  • If you blow out your candle before it reaches a full melt pool, it can cause tunneling. 
  • Continuously trim the wick of your candle after use, always trim the black part off! All candles are sent with wooden wicks 1/4 above the wax so your first burn is perfect. You can use scissors or a nail clipper to trim your wick.
  • As long as your candle is lit, do not leave it unattended. We also recommend a burn time of less than 4 hours. 
  • Our candles are safe to blow out. If you wish to put the lid back on, do so after the smoke has cleared off your candle. Placing the lid back on immediately after blowing out the candle can cause the smoke to enter the melted wax and that is no fun!
  • When you're ready to relight your candle just repeat these steps.

Decorative Candles

  • Place your candle on a dish (flat surface) when lighting it, this helps catch the wax as its melting. 
  • Be sure not to keep these candles (while lit) near curtains, books, clothing, or anything potentially flammable. 
  • Never leave your burning candle unattended. 
  • You can extinguish your candle by blowing it out or by using an extinguishing cover. 
  • Before relighting, always trim wick down to 1/4 above the wax. This will help prevent the flame from getting large.